how to make textures look sharper in the cameraview?

hi there. i am working on my racegame and i have a problem with the sharpness of the camera.

the brown objects in front of the hovercraft are the racetrack.
i made a higpoly object of the tiles and baked an ambient occlusiontexture and a normalmap. i put the aotexture into the textureslot of the trackobjects material as an overlay and baked it. and as you can see i got a normalmap at the same material.

the problem ist that the textures get blurry in the midsection of the view. is there a way to get it sharper. i have tested some camerachanges but didnt got the effect i wanted.

DOF (depth of field)

  • I think*

tried to change the values there and even created an empty, put it in the area where its got to be sharp and parented it, but no effect instead of some lags in the first moments of the game.

The problem is mipmapping. When a textured plane is parallel with the camera direction of view it can be distorted, so blender uses mipmapping to clean it up, but the result is blurry.

The only fix is to change the camera angle so it is looking down from above slightly. That should stop this happening except for far away areas where it won’t be noticed so much.

You can create our own mip-map textures e.g. with Gimp. The file format is .dds in that case.

found this piece of code

from bge import render


it stops mipmapping ingame. but it makes the textures in the back look like there is no aa.
does anybody know the right syntax for bringing mipmapping online again? i will make this an ingameoption

i will try to find a dof filtre or something like that to make things in the backgrund a little more blurry than

A DOF filter seems a pretty expensive fix for something that is most likely not going to be noticed too much by the people that play your game.
If your players are complaining that some of the textures are a little blurry, than you’re not distracting them enough with game play.

Make custom mipmaps like Monster suggested, or don’t worry about it :wink: Also try adding more stuff to your scene. Some more background objects along the sides of the track to break things up. Right now you just have a straight track which is going to make things like mipmapping stand out a lot more. Breaking things up with shadows and Stuff will help the brain ‘fuzz over’ little artefacts like that.

i have tried to find a tutorial about mipmapping but couldnt find any. how do i apply them at objects?

edit: i have made dds textures with generated mipmaps using gimp and replaced my old texture and normalmaps with it. it hasnt had any effect at all.