How to make the active camera change to another camera during game

How can you change the active camera in the game engine to when the main character crosses a certain part of the room the active camera changes to a different camera? This camera style is used in most of the Resident Evil games.

Good question… I’d actually like to know this as well lol

Just use the scene actuator, set camera, and put in the name of the camera you want to use. you could use a collision or near sensor to trigger it.

You can do this in python:

scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
scene.active_camera = scene.objects["CAMERANAME"]

AsCE: I did that and it worked, but now it wont switch back to the old camera. How can I fix this?

the same way: activate a scene actuator in “set camera” mode. Just enter the name of the camera you want to switch to.

hi dude,
have a look at this :

just add an object it could be a cube make it invisible for game engine and then when ur character collides to it the camera would swicth to another and make the next cam active…just look at the tutorial ull see how easy it is…
i hope this helps