How to make the Ball stop Bouncing

I am new to this so sorry if this is a dumb question. I am trying to simulate a bowling alley. I launch the ball using two key frames at the beginning of the animation. After that i let the physics take over. As the ball moves down the lane it bounces up a couple of times for no apparent reason. I have set the bounciness to 0.0 for the ball and lane, but this continues. I have also refined the mesh of the ball and lane to no avail.
The sizes and masses of the objects are correct for the simulation.
I have attached the blend file.

I think it’s because your simulation is too low of a quality to be stable. If you go into the scene settings tab, under rigid body world, turn up Steps Per Second and Solver Iterations to 1,000 or higher. That should solve the problem, It did for my file.