HOw to make the camera see more far ?

I am planing in making a videoclip with my spaceship, the problem is that, if i take it in cosmos, i cant see the space, because the sphere is too large and the camera wont look that far.

But this is bad since there are 100 more spaceships in the space and they all dont fit in the sphere.

Where can i change the camera settings, to make it view more far than the standard view.

Select your camera, pres “F9” and change the Clipping End value :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for that, now i can build larger spaces:)

Actually, just set the background to a sphere. Then, you dont even have to make a sphere object. The camera will automaticaly make a sphere of infinite largeness with your background picture. It should also render much much faster this way, I think. And it may look better.