How to make the char move and stuff? Pls read

Ok so i just downloaded this Char, and i dont know how to make her move and stuff for a game, Help pls?

xD use this

seriusly, you are asking too much

Cyborg is both harsh and hilarious. Awesome.

But seriously dude, you reallllly need to not just post random crap. Here are the problems with your post:

A) Wayyyy too generic. If you’re going to ask a question, you need to actually show us that you’ve run into a specific problem. You can’t just ask us “how do I do X” when it’s something as basic as animation and movement.
B) There are TONS of tutorials out there. If you had spent 30 seconds searching you would have found what you’re looking for. It looks like that model is not rigged, so look up how to rig (apply bones to) an object.
C) You haven’t done ANYTHING to try and help your own problem. You need to do most of the work yourself, and not have everyone else do it for you. If you run into a problem the community is happy to help, but you need to actually apply some effort.

Harsh, yes, but someone has to stop stuff like this. SEARCH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and stop flooding the forums with the “I ARE n00bz plz tll me hw to do ev3rything” crap.

this is a question forum, so i will ask questions, Just because u know how to do stuff on blender doesnt mean i have to,

yes, but you cant ask such a general question without having done a search, followed tutorials, and asking punctual things you had problems with. We also don’t necessarily have to reply your questions since you are not paying us, so you have to ask about interesting things, instead of reasking that general question asked over 9000 times before.

You simply asked “how do i do a game” there are some sticky threads about that, and a nifty search box. but beware, dot bump old threads, if you want to ask something more, start another thread puting a link to the original.

– end of generic GTFO n00b —

I think cyborg_ar has used that pic somewhere before… I was searching the forums randomly.
There are 2 types of people that come to BA. n00bs and new people. n00bs are people that downloaded blender 2 secs ago and come here to say “S00p3r 4w35ome RPG :), now how do I make an RPG? haw can I make a wizard?” New people, however, may have download blender a year ago or 2 secs ago. But when they sign up here, they stick around for a while before posting to see how they should act when presenting games or asking for help.
Sadly, you happen to be a n00b. However, it seems that you aren’t trying because by the looks of it, you have had blender for a few months and you STILL insist on acting like a n00b.
But seriously dude, Google is your friend.

thats the best thing i’ve ever seen.

i love that.

I think we should add that thread’s content to the license, and force people to read it, maybe even make some sort of quiz…
BTW, 6. Please use proper grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. There is nothing worse than presenting yourself by misspelling a word in every other sentence.
z0 u p1z u$3 pr0pr $pe1in
BTW, The answer is make a skeleton and press I :stuck_out_tongue: