How to make the shadow more detail?

How to make the shadow more detail cuase the further the distant from the camera the shadow faded.

I dont quite understand the question

actualy part of the shadow are missing when its near the camera

Ah ok. Is this hapening in the render also? And what renderer are you using?

Is your picture in rendered mode? Or did you just add shadows in the viewport? Because those viewport shadows (e.g. in Material Preview) are not very accurate.

yes it does and Im using eevee

Evee has limitations with lights and shadows so you would need to change eevee settings to improve the shadow quality. Also depending on the situation the light probes might help with the lighting in general. Best quality shadows are from cycles.

Eevee only calculates shadows from objects that are visible in the shot by default. (i.e. from what the camera sees)
For anything else you can use light probes.

actually The glasses also not entirely transparent and its keep having some gray colour stuck in it when I move the camera and here the file. hope the somebody can point out the problem.