How to make the windows bigger? Or how to move walls to make house smaller?




I am editing a house. How can I make some of the windows bigger that it won’t ruin mesh/verts. How do I fix uv map after that?

Or how can I move one wall to make the house smaller? Let’s say that wall without any windows. I have to move the windows along it somehow. I would be happy if someone can give me some example on this. Thank you!


You should be able to use a selection of keyboard shortcuts to do this.

Ring select can be done with Alt+RMB, so you can select some of the edge loops around the mesh. This can be combined with SHIFT to ring select multiple times. You can also just select one edge loop at a time, and move it to the desired position to widen, raise the windows.

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I’d go in Ortho View > Numberpad 1 or 3 and select the verts for the windows and supporting verts and adjust to desired.



Thanks for your reply!

Did you mean this by ring select? But how do I adjust this same window’s size without affecting on the window next to it (talking about the two windows in the front, left and right? Window on the right has ring select)?

Thank you


Or how about this - I want to just one window without affecting the opposite window’s verts?

And how you would move the wall to make the house smaller - it usually ruins the uv map. I hope someone could provide me a step by step example. Thank you!

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blender does not have parametric cbjects like in CAD
so ounce model is done as one object you need to select each set of verts for a window and re scale these

otherwise make your model in different parts might be easier to work with

good luck

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