How to make these circle cuts?

New Blender user here. What would be the best way to model something like this cross?

Initially I tried to make this as two separate pieces, the cross and then the circle. I quickly realized I have no idea how to make those circular cuts in the cross it’s self.

Thank you

I would do the cross itself as one piece and the circle behind it as another. To get the circle cuts in the corner, you’ll need a little more geometry to shape it. You’ll need at least two more edges on either side of the corner for the shape and if you’re using a subsurf modifier, you’ll need an extra one or two around the corners of the circle.

you could use 2 objects and use Boolean to get one final object!

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Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean. The highlighted edge loops are the ones controlling the shape. The others are helping to sharpen the edges. I used a mirror modifier so only half had to be modeled.

Sounds like some interesting modelling, i would do first something simple (i use a mirror modifier) :

Then select those vertices (if mirror modifier, only need to select 2 from the side)

Then CTRL+V -> Bevel (or SHIFT+CTRL+B for the direct shortcut) and move the mouse to bevel those vertices

Press W -> Subdivide to subdivide those faces

Select only this group of vertices

Press SHIFT+ALT+S and type 1 (or in the menu Mesh -> Transform -> To Sphere and type 1)

Do the same for the other groups of vertices

Delete those vertices :

Now is a good time to apply the mirror modifier in case you had one, and using the “select 2 vertices and press J”, just make the ngons into quads :

Add loop cuts (CTRL+R then move the loops cuts) like that :

They will be “support edges” for subsurf
Add loop cuts (CTRL+R then move the loops cuts) there too, to get the rounded part nicer with the subsurf

You can now extrude the whole cross to give it depth

And add a couple of loop cuts as “support edge” :

It should be done, with a subsurf :

Thank you everyone! This has really helped me so much, I really appreciate all the help.