how to make this beautiful worm??

Good morning…
i am trying to make a model of this incredibly beautiful worm from stracraft (it is already a 3d model, btw! i am trying to re-make it)
here is an image of this worm

the worm is the little yellow thing on the right of the image
how can i do this?
any help would be greatly appreciated…
thank you very much…

How about starting with a cube… flatten it… extrude 2 opposing sides. Move the extrusion down a bit to make like a… hang on:


/ \

sorta shape.

subdivide it

Then turn on subsurf to make it nicely smooth. And copy it half a dozen times to make up the curved shields for the worm’s back.

did that help at all?

hey man thats no “worm” anyway.
thats an protoss reaver… robotic unit.

tsk tsk tsk :smiley:

i would ttry to get some resource editor for starcraft or boord war.
SC is mod-able in some way, so i think it should be possible to extract the textures and models out of the game.

ehm… letz see, maybe i can find an editor :slight_smile:

perhaps this may help
i didnt try it but it sounds good.