How to make this crosshatch wireframe?

I’d like my pepper grinder to have a similar crosshatch pattern as the vase to the left. I applied my simple deform to twist the pepper grinder wireframe to look similar but I’m not sure how to remove the horizontal lines/wireframe. Plan to 3d print it if I can get it to work, thanks.

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he tissue addon is perfect for something like this. You can make this sort of thing very quickly. (once you learn the basics of tissue)

I recommend you look it up, ( the add on ships with blender) the function you want in tissue is tessellate, it will make a new mesh by placing a component on each face of your mesh. For this sort of thing you can make a simple cross shape component like this:


when you have horizontal and vertical quads and want them to be oblique, you can try a Ctrl E > Un-Subdivide (keep an Iteration of 1 in the Operator box):