How to make this effect

Hi all!
I need to do and effect and I have no idea how would be the best way of doing it. It consists of series of streams like the ones used on aerodinamic simulations that move in a gentle and smooth manner, like the movement of the wind in curtains but moving each thread instead of the whole fabric or like smoke. Something like in the image but much more threads and animated. I guess maybe particles moving in curved directions showing trails with blur and glow? I don’t know. Any Ideas?


curves (bezier), shape keys, maybe a halo materia, with a taper so they taper off to nothing

Or, just tubes, deformed by a bone chain, ik targeted to a moving empty at the tail

OR particles emitted where the car is a deflector and a force field (wind) planes placed around the body to guide the stream (halo materials again).

Here is my light string BLEND, maybe it can give you a start.


ras_light_string_1c.blend (197 KB)

Atom: that’s what i need! but I need like 100 of them moving together. Maybe Particles following curves? Is it possible to have like 5-6 curves and blend particles motion between them? I know almost nothing about blender’s particles.

I tried a light trace effect once, but it didn’t work out too well. Going to fast caused breaks in the particles, and slowing down made clumps. Couldn’t figure a way around it. i think that vids on youtube somehwere…

I would use grease pencil. You can draw your lines and then convert them to armature bone chains or to curves. It could save you a lot of work.