How to make this kind of extrusion on a subsurf?

I’m trying to get this kind of extrusion with Blender.

So far I’ve got this:

As you can see the extrusion I’ve got is curved.
I’ve tried with SHIFT+E but this is the best I can get …
Any hints?

Though it will add a lot of faces, if shift-e just isn’t working, and you think you have tried all combinations of faces and edges to get the sharpest look, then you can always do a loop cut or a knife cut to sharpen the edges. The closer the cut is to the edge, the sharper it will be.

Theres some good info on this previous post

You can crease the edges that you want to be sharper by selecting them and hitting the E key (at least I think it’s the E key… look up blender noob to pro and check the key on that.)

The creasing will make the subsurf match the original mesh

Its always a trade off with smoothness and sharpness. If shift-E isnt doing it, you could just subdivide that bit or loop cut to try and sharpen it up - this can produce wierd artifacts with subsurf on. Personally Id just model the part after the sholder (it looks like a drive shaft connector…) as a separate object without subsurf (cant see why you’d need it for this bit) and then either just parent so they stay together or apply the subsurf on the other bit then ctrl J join the two meshes…

making an ege crease will probably work, and if not, use loop cuts or knife cuts near the edges that need to be sharp.
also, note that you can click ‘set smooth’ and ‘auto smooth’, which will make the curved bits look smooth, but will make all edges past a certain degree look sharp. if you’re making an animation, though, you might not want to go this route, as it tends to look strange in animations.