How to make this part of that Scope?

Hello everybody,
I need your help guys. Im stuck im try do model this PGO Scope but im stuck at this part.
How to this part with the bevel on top and side but stay with quads?
Thanks many times.

This tutorial should help at least a little.

Blender bevel will fail there, i guess you must try it this way, made of the box and the cylinder part:

With a little for-thought…and a lot of tweaking you can do it…
First add a cube… roughtly shape to the part…
Bevel front two and slope edges first… then select the top and bend edges as well as the edges around the previous bevel…

Then add the cylinder and Boolean Join ( I used Bool Tool for it )
You will have to tweak the vertices at the boolean using Vertex Merge …pick which is best at the center or at last…and pick accordingly…
then model out the rest…

Model them separately, line up the vertices, make the necessary adjustments, join them and then clean up the unnecessary geometry.

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Here is a step by step tut, hope it helps.


Thank you so much man, that help me! : )