How to make this part ?

Hello people

When I’m stuck with Blender, it’s 90% of the time because I do not understand the geometry of the mesh I want to model.

This time doesn’t change, I would like to find a proper way to do this part : the SA330 Puma rotorhead blade grip.

On this example blend I used loop tools with bridge, and added segments to smoothen the whole thing, but obviously I can’t reach the effect I want.

Look at that picture, we see the intersection of both shapes : round of the shaft and square of the grip itself

Thanks everyone !

it’s the big joint you are trying to make? I am having trouble figuring out which part it is, because of the angle of the pic.

No, the blade grip :

in the pic, it looks like it’s round ( from top view ) but in your blend you have it as kind of a butterfly shape. do you have any pics that show the top of the part?

Yes, it got this butterfly shape, as the two bolts are securing the blade root

ah, it’s a helicopter rotor. this is a very complex shape. are you experienced with retopology at all? One way would be to construct key points out of primitives, and go retopo from there. you can use planes as guides where the flat areas intersect with the curved areas.

Holy sheep, no I don’t, I will take a look about what topology is, and what should I do

Ouch, watched first retopo tutos, it seems such a complex method … Is it the only one ? Thanks

you could do it without retopology, but if you don’t know how to do it, this could be a good opportunity to learn. basically, it allows you to build a mesh, using another mesh as a guide. if you do it, be sure to enable the ‘x-ray’ button in the object buttons of the properties panel so you can better see what you are doing. some things can be easily made by combining shapes such as spheres and cubes and cylinders, then you can just extrude an optimized mesh over top of them.
(edit) it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. not so complicated. try checking the blender wiki instead of tutorial videos.

Pff. Everybody is so quick to point to retopology these days. You can model this with normal modelling tools like this:

certainly, but it might be difficult to demonstrate how you arrived at that form without making a tutorial. I agree about retopo, to some extent, but it can be a good option in many cases and is something everyone should learn.

Basically what you need is to create a loop around major geometries. Here is my quick layout:

Top / bottom surface appears to be almost flat. Make a loop around there (yellow). This form extrude top to bottom with U shaped cutout, which defines the basic shape (cyan). Make a loop around there. You need to blend those loops down to a shaft by blending them with mesh.

Ok I take it back.

I just don’t like retopology because you’re basically modelling the same thing twice. Boring.

But sure, it does help sometimes when you’re having trouble.

@ Piotr :

This is exactly what I want to achieve. Plus, I really need to learn how to model properly like that, making clean and efficient mesh, if you don’t mind, could you make a video tutorial for this particular parts and method you used please ? That would help me a lot, and not only with such parts but I really want to learn more professional modeling techniques like this

@ Ridix :

Thanks, but english is not my native language and while I can express more or less what I want, sometimes I can hardly understand… I don’t get the part when you say " make a loop around here

Thanks for all guys, much appreciated

I’m afraid not, I don’t have the necessary video capture software and Blender’s internal recording function has never worked for me. Also, I don’t really want to model the same thing again either. :slight_smile:

However, I don’t see why you’d still need a tutorial now that you’ve got the topology worked out for you. Just copy what you see using any method you like. It’s just extruding, bridging, inserting circles and knifing to get a nice edge flow. Nothing terribly interesting. Also, be patient. This was my second attempt after the first one failed and it took 40 minutes or so to complete.

Ok thanks ! did you used subsurf ? ( I assume yes becazuse of the rounded faces ? )

Okay, after 1 hour and a half, I succeed to achieve what I wanted, thanks ! It was simply traditional methods by hand actually, with some loop cuts

It has to stay very low poly cause it’s for a game, and there is the whole rotorhead ( and helicopter probably ) to do

I believe your shape is a little off on one side (it shouldn’t be tapering like that I think). Or maybe it’s just an illusion, the AO render doesn’t show the form very well. In any case, looks ok overall.

If you’re making a lowpoly for a game I’d recommend you remove the holes since they’re going to be filled in any case. You can suggest there are holes there with a texture and that should be enough. Building low-poly models for games has a little different set of rules - you’re free to use as many triangles as you like, if something can be represented well enough in a texture you don’t build geometry for it, etc.

(And yes, I did use subsurf, I had assumed you’re building a high-poly model)

Yes it’s hard to see with AO on

And thanks I’ll follow your advice, will not make holes at all as these will be filled with bolts, and so a darker texture just around