how to make this scene good as render (with pict)

i try to make game with BGE
it’s look fun when i create the scene and render it, but when i press ‘P’ to play, it’s nightmare (kidding)

how to adjust this scene, so it’s look like the render one

help me what to do,
adjust the light? or anything?
i still use multitexture.

You will not get it to look exactly like the render, but I think you can get close to it!
The main difference in the scene that I see is the lighting.
First, if you haven’t done allready, change the engine to Game Engine.
Since it looks like you are using only one sun light, you could try to add a hemi that is pointing upwards, turn off specularity on it, set it’s energy to about 0.1 - 0.4. Also you wanna turn on shaddows on the sun light, make the shaddow color slightly blue and play around with the with the clipping and frustum size values until it thros shaddows where it’s supposted to :wink:

Also what i’ve found usually makes most things look great is baking the ambient occlusion

after a little tweak, i get this result,
i tweak ambient color, so it’s look more soft,
and i use 2 hemi light and 1 sun light (with shadow)
but the shadow didn’t appear, why? is there something else need to tweak?

Move the sun maybe 5 blender units right over the trees, set the clipping to something like 100 and the frustum size so maybe 50.
Now you should see some shaddows!

still the shadow doesn’t appear,
what clipping and frustum for? i change to 1000, not change anything,

here’s the blender file,
tell me if there’s something need to do.


base-level-edit.blend (937 KB)

Finally, now i get the shadow,
but i must change the shader from multitexture to GLSL,
and then i must play it in texture mode,
when it come to solid mode, it just white,
is it the right thing to do?

Yep, that’s how to do it.

Yea that normal that with GLSL and solid mode everything will be white in the GE.
And sorry I forgot about that you have to use GLSL mode for shaddows!