How to make this the way i want? Please help.

So im modelling a steamtruck, but it isnt the result that i want. So i would like to ask how to make my truck look more like the other truck in the picture? Also this is my first blender project. And i want to make realistic rust, around most of the parts, right now i only managed to do it by painting on the uv map, and applying it trought node editor like a mask, but it still wont look as realistic as i want it to be. So what are the possible ways to make it as i want, and to paint the rust where i need to?

I seem to recall Andrew Price put a tutorial on his blender guru website that showed how u can use different rust textures to create a pretty realistic effect.

Then u can paint to make it showe up where u want.

Maybe this can help.

Thats the tutorial i used for the mask, and this is the result i achieved with painting over only some parts of the uv map, thats why im still asking for help how to make the details look more better

I will try this tutorial, yet it shows how to make realistic rust, but you cant control where it makes it, it makes it depending on the map and not on the areas you want precisely, but thanks very much

Well to be honest i really have no idea how he uses image texture with the box setting and his texture looks good on it, mine is distorted. Anyway it still adds rust randomly and not where he wants it.

Could the problem be that i am wokring in cycles render?

dont know how to delete post sorry

dont know how to delete post sorry

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if you’re using the ‘dirty vertex’ script, you need to have much more vertices than you have right now.
This is because the ‘dirty’/‘occlusion’ information will be stored in each vertex. Not in a Map or texture. If you have just vertices laying on occluded positions, then all you get is occluded information.

I tryed it but as you said and can see all of it just looks black. So i need to add verticles somehow?

here’s the result of dirty vertices applied to objects with different vertices densities:

but i think it would be better if you could paint the dirt in a texture, using the texture paint.

ah okay now i understand, i dont think i can increase the verticles now can i or is there a way? I tryed texture paint but it doesnt look realistic now, im not sure how to make it more realistic, i tryed painting with texture paint with a texture but it doesnt look realistic, then i tryed painting rust on a uv map also not the best result. Any ideas to fix that? For the base i created a car paint nodes and it gives a slightly better result i think. But im not even sure how to add realistic detail and rust

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Please neoxlt… doing so is just annoying.

You can’t expect that any 3d package do exactly what is in your mind!

Your objective, at least by your example image, requires lot’s of work. It needs that you place the textures carefully, that you mask carefully between metal and rust, between clean and dirt, where there’s paint and where the paint fell off…

There are lot’s of tutorials that show you most of what you need, just check the or do a search in google…

By any doubt or problem, you can ask here, and everyone will be pleased to clarify you. But you cannot ask us to do all the work for you. we can only show you possible ways for you do walk the road your self.

So, just to finish: is ‘bump bump bump’ a question?

Im not asking for someone else to do it. Since i didnt find any tutorials in google how to place details where you need them in blender thats why i posted here. There are tutorials for creating rust that works, but only if you need it random locatons and i need the rest to be exactly around screws and everything that connects to the main body. So im just asking for a way how to achieve this result realisticly.

one approach would be to have different shaders (metal, rust, whatever), mixed by grayscale textures. To paint these mask textures you can start with this simple tutorial from Greg Zaal
With this in mind you can create a mask, setting white to where you want one material, black for the second material. In the end, save the image and use the texture, as a factor between the two materials you’re mixing.

You can also check this tutorial from Andrew Price , if you need a better understanding of making good rust/metals.

Thanks i will give it a try and thats what ive been asking for the whole time for a simple answer on where to go on becouse ive been stuck for days. Appreciate the help.

The main problem (at least for me) was that a vague question as ‘How do i make my render look like this other render’ can only be answered by the complete blender manual.
There’s no correct way of doing things in blender; there are lot’s of tools and technics you can use, and the same result can be achieved by too many ways…