How to make three/four fold purcahse pulley?

Trying to model it but I cannot seem to find a good way to make this. Right now I am modeling this with Bez Curve and moving them manually, but the result is not neat.

How can I make this pulley system? Please help!

Join the pulleys temporarily as one object.
Add a circle with 64 vertices.
Add a shrinkwrap modifier to the circle and point it to the pulley.
Scale up the circle in edit mode until it fits snug in the pulley.
Apply the shrinkwrap.
Remove doubles.
Convert the circle to a curve.

Manually with bez curves would be what I would suggest. Looks like you are tracing around each one manually, though, which isn’t ideal.

Instead, try this way:
Make a new bezier circle.
Make all the handles “free” press (V) and then (4). This will avoid unpleasantness later.
Alt C to toggle cyclic. Delete one vertex next to the gap that appears.
Now you have a half circle!
Duplicate this half circle where you need it (at the tops and bottoms of each sheave.) and remember to use the axis controls (press x, y, or z to move or rotate along just that axis) to keep everything perfectly aligned.
Connect all the end verticies of the half-circles (F). You seem to understand where these go, so, yeah.
Border select the connecting handles (B) and convert them to vector (press (V) then (2)).

You should end up with something like this!

If you mess up, don’t worry about it. Undo, (press (CTRL-Z)) and try again. If even undo doesn’t fix it, delete the whole thing and start over. Sometimes you just need a fresh start.
Or, here’s the blender file I used to make the example. You could just adapt mine, if you prefer.
SheaveCable.blend (89.5 KB)
Good luck!

Thanks! This worked great for me :slight_smile: