How to make time range in bge

I have a really big question.How to make evening time,morning,night time in bge using ligthing?
and I’m using blender 2.79 and I’ve used textures to my game.

You can use animation to change the brightness and hues of your lamps. Just make a new animation, select the sun press the 1 frame from animation, choose the color you want for the lamp, right click the color and press insert key frame, then choose the brightness and right click and press insert keyframe. Choose another frame in the animation and repeat the process.

Sorry if this isn’t clear, I have only a limited time before I have to go, if it isn’t clear let me know and I can get some pictures and better descriptions for you.

The simple way with some Python is to create a simple float game property, we’ll call it daylight.
Now, with Python, we’ll link all lamps energy to be linked/synced with the daylight property.
For instance.[0] *= daylight[1] *= daylight[2] *= daylight

You can also link the skydome/skybox that you might have to link/sync it’s material’s object color to the daylight property.

obj.color[0] /= daylight
obj.color[1] /= daylight
obj.color[2] /= daylight
obj.color[3] = 1.0

This is all mockup code, but easily implemented inside your project.