How to make transforming robots and weapons etc.

Im looking to make a video with my friends and i want to know how to make armor that unfolds onto a person similar to iron man when tony stark grabs the suitcase and gets into his mark 3 suit and i also want to know how to make an unfolding robot out of an object with wires and bolts and stuff. Any help would greatly be aprreciated :slight_smile:


I’d design the “unfolded” armor first, and then figure out how to deploy it, where would the joints be, etc. Neither modeling or rigging are phases during which you want any guesswork, so be sure to have everything planned out before you even open Blender.


Remember that those CG are effects driven. They are not real in mechanical sense. They just created the sequence to look like something is unfolding. After all they are science fiction that is going to take place in future. And nobody knows how we can do things in future. So the trick is to make it look believable.

is there a tutorial for something basic like this

Something basic like this? And with “this” you’re referring to the Iron Man example?
Don’t be fooled, an effect like this is far from being trivial. If you wanted a bit of morphing text or an object with just a few components, you could perhaps call that basic, but you’re talking about coordinating and animating easily a few hundred moving parts in a mechanically believable manner.

That’s not basic, that’s high end.

their are some tutorials on how to make transformers that might help with what your looking for.

look for “Blender 3d transformers tutorial rigging”

I made a cell phone transform into a coffee maker once…

Spent a ton of time on it, lots of rigging work to get everything to fall into place. And yeah, I faked some parts here and there…

It’s a lot of work…


Thanks Guys for the advice. im sorry for the late reply. I was hoping before christmas that someone would provide me the transformer model from Blendswap. I would go do it myself but for some reason the site wont let me download it. I would find out how it works by reverse engineering it.

Here’s what I would do . . .

Start by building (or fetching from somewhere …) “a basic humanoid model.” Then, start creating (at this point, un-decorated) objects that you can “fit onto” this model. They might be parented to the same bones that drive the model, or they might be driven by bones (or even, a separate armature) of their own … the creative choice is yours.

Every mechanical designer of a warrior-suit has to pay attention to two things: the placement of the armor plates, and the joint-coverings. (Oh yes, and making the whole thing look cool!! :yes: )

Then, you start looking at the “transformer sequence” itself, as the object goes from an innocent-looking lawn-mower to a Diabolical Defender of Good (or Evil).™ And here is where you get to cheat!

Will the lawnmower transform into a Defender in one, continuous, uninterrupted camera-shot? Not a chance! It will take place through a sequence of medium-shots, close-ups and extreme close-ups, all accompanied by a driving music-track and “loud clicking” sound-effects. (As you see in the composite of shots from the movie as shown above). Therefore, the pieces that you build don’t actually have to un-fold perfectly: you just have to be sure that any impossibilities won’t happen “on-camera.” And that the whole thing looks Really, Really Cool.™

As usual, start by doing the shots in OpenGL Preview renders, then cut the entire sequence together in low-res before you start to commit to any “finals.” If there’s a way to achieve a good visual effect without committing to an actual render, find that way. (Once the audience can visualize how the creature moves, they don’t have to actually see it do so in all cases.) Some of the armor-segments will be seen in very close detail; others, barely at all. Figure out what’s what, ahead of time, in this way. Invest your detailed-modeling chops only where they will be needed most. The sequence usually starts slowly, with wider shots, then progresses to closer-and-closer shots which occur faster-and-faster, then slow down again to reveal … ommm … The Nemesis Of All Lawn Creatures. The Lawn-Mower From (Heaven Or) Hell.

Yes, the gophers in that damned pasture should have learned their lesson and split town when it was still just an innocent-looking lawn-mower . . . now they’re gonna get what they deserve. :smiley:

haha that seems rather complicated to create but i need to see videos or have a model to study in order for me to process how to animate a transformer. If anyone can get me a that transformer blend file that they used in the citizen tutorials on blender cookie. I would be grate and hopefully be able to model armor like what you described hilariously :slight_smile: