How to make transparency look good?

If you make an object like a crumpled crystal, then assign it a semi-transparent material with an opaque symbol (like a smiley face), the object will show the other side of the faces and hide the front faces, which looks really ugly. How can I make it so in the Game Engine, the transparency looks good like in real life?

What I am talking about, is making the transparency look like what it is in the viewpoint, rather than looking at a bugged out eaten object.

transparency is broken fundamentally in upbge, nothing “fixes” it. alpha sort option seems to improve visuals on a single object, but in the scene sorting based on object origin which laughably bad.

use node material - and principle BSDF shader from cycles if you use upbge version 0.2.5, node get for you all material - metal, gloss, crystal, wood, need make setup and select alpha transparent in panel material - for gloss/crystal good transparent - alpha blend or alpha sort, for node - use two material node (secondary material node invert surface in node material) and color mix nod in finish connect for output node resultat, for connect texture in nodes use texture node frome cycles, for setup alpha transparent use color ramp node - if node hard for you looking tutorial in youtube how make gloss/crystal material in blender 2.8 and high and use that method for you game

and how say Daedalus_MDW - transparent its head pain in upbge, if you make two, three or more transparent objects in line and looking in line - you see artefacts