How to make triangulate texture for building

Hello, I was wondering how to make triangulate structure like this?

Because when I use triangulate on plane or on a cylinder what I ended up is structure like this

Is there anyway to make structure like the first picture. I’m trying to make building structure for a scene and I wonder how I can do it

The one I’m trying to get is the X structure circled in. Is there anyway to get that?
Thanks for the answer in advance!

P.S. I use triangulate and wireframe modifer

what precision resolution do you need ?

are you going to do very close shots so need for high res model?

there was an addon for making sort of a wireframe edges !

happy bl

I tried to make an example and this is what I got with modifiers - you can turn them on and off to examine what I didstructure.blend1 (160.5 KB)

I’ll try and check out the addon !
Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for making the model! I was trying to find easy way and didn’t expect this!
Thanks a lot!

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