how to make uv-maps transparent?

Hello Everyone.

I have a uv-mapped an image onto a model, I made this texture on gimp and has parts that are transparent, and when I put it in blender, the transparent parts come up as black. So I was wondering if there is a way to make it so that the transparent bits come up as transparent.


You don’t say what renderer you are using so I have to assume the default blender render
Enable the material Transparency tickbox and set the alpha to zero.
In the Texture / Influence panel set it to both Colour and Alpha

Assuming you’re using Blender Render,

In your Material panel , enable “Transparency” and set the Alpha setting to 0

In the Texture panel corresponding to this material, at the “Influence” tab make sure Alpha is enabled
(depending on your result in the end, you may want to enable “Premultiply” in the Texture panel too)

If you are in GLSL display, that should be all.

If you are in Multitexture display, you must first move into Blender Game mode , go to your material and change the Alpha setting from Opaque (that is default) to another setting like Alpha Clip

(note : even if you are in GLSL display, going to Blender Game mode and changing the Alpha setting will still have an impact on how the alpha will be displayed, just experiment with this setting to see what is the best one for your texture)

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Also … it bears repeating … be absolutely sure that these areas are indeed “transparent” and that you have saved the image using a format, e.g. PNG, that supports transparency. AFAIK, JPG does not. The so-called “Alpha Channel” has to be there, and it must actually contain (in Blender’s point-of-view) what you think it does. It’s very easy to assume, and to be mistaken, and to go chasing down a blind-alley because of it.

Thank you’s so much!!!
this helped alot, exactly what I wanted.

Yes, this is GREAT information! <3