How to make viewing go faster

I have this model that has alot of vertices and its making the movement very slow. How do i get rid of some vertices but keep the shape they way it is so i can move around faster?

If you have a subsurf modifier (subdivision surface) then you can turn the “view” subdivisions down.

In edit mode you can always hide vertices by selecting them then H.

I tried these and the speed is still slow. thanks for the ideas tho i appreciate it. Anyone else got some ideas?

there are different ways to reduce the cpu-load
it all goes like this:
use a realisation of your target that is not so complicated!

If you are using blender, one first way is to disable (the eye-icon)
all not necessary objects.
Next step is to hide some parts of your mesh (if it is very complicated)
to speed up the display-refresh
last, you always can use - what makehuman does - a reduced object
of your full-complex-object. Thats one with a lot less vertices, faces …
but enough to manage your handling.

ps. dont know if i could express the way to go…?

edit: missed the part about set objects to different layers and disable unused ones …

well the object im using is a very smooth version of the meta cube. The faces are very very smooth. I made it by adding a mesh sphere with 100 x 100 vertices. Which i guess can explain the slowness. But i wanna keep the shape the way it is. The third way you explained sounds like the thing i might have to do. How would m I make a reduced object of my complex one? is there way you can explain that one more please?

add a decimate modifier to your mesh. adjust its value to get a version of it that has less detail but still keeps the shape, then apply it

You can also go under the Scene tab and turn “Simplify” on and play with the settings. Hope it works out for you. Cheers.

This is the mesh that is making it slow. I wanna keep the smoothness of the shape.


untitled.blend (1.18 MB)

What type of settings would I be playing around with?

I tried this and i got a diamond shape. Unless im doing it wrong lol. Would the value be the ratio?

In your case just the subdivions, you can’t have a smooth simplified model but it will keep it’s form, just don’t overdo it.

Ideally dump this model.
Start with a much simplified mesh and add a subdivision surface modifier. You can set a different level of subdivision for the 3d view and when rendered. This means you can have a low poly version in your view but when you render the scene you have the high poly version.
Here is a reduced poly version versus your original, reduced by selecting edge loops and X / delete edge loops. There’s plenty more scope to reduce it further.


untitled (2).blend (313 KB)

You can also retopo when you come to more complex models so that’s another method that can give you a low and a high res version.