How to make wall run, wall jump, super jump in blender.... please help :)

well am making a game similar to the likes of prototype and SR4 style i was wondering how do you make the character run on walls, like in prototype or saints row 4… do i make a path? or does it need coding am wondering how? like when the character is running towards a building, tree etc… he will automatically run up it… also am wondering how you make the character jump really high and glide through the air and lands in the same way as SR4 or prototype ( unharmed) …please i know these questions sound very dumb and silly and very demanding i apologize… am sort of a noob in blender :o… and coding isn’t my strongest point :frowning: please help me here… thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a video :slight_smile:

you might want to ask in the game engine area of BA ,

also this is a very complex “ask” , how far have you gotten… this is your first post and you say you’re a noob at blender… HOW noob?

what other aspects of your game have you got working…
but AFAik, a superjump would bejust like a regular jump… but higher, and things like wall sliding and walljumping could be done with separate collision objects to “scan” the area around the character for walls and such.

But either way I can see a lot of coding being necessary…

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Super Jump =
hold jumpkey-------and-------------Add 2 to X
if jump interval 0-8/
if collision=True"–/

Always remove-----and-------------add -1 to X
if jump interval 1-10/

if collision=True"—
if jump =10---------and--------------action -Super jump animation
________________----------------Apply physics super jump
_________________--------------Jump =0

if collision=True"-----------
if Jumpkey is removed ----\
jump !=0 -------------------and --------motions+actions->regular jump

Here is a Blender ProtoType version 0.0001. You can wall run and you can even jump off the building with no damage. Now you just need to replace the player with an animated character and maybe add some combo moves. lol


ProtoType 001.blend (106 KB)

u should add some sort of touch sensor so u can only jump off walls when u are touching one so u will not be able to jump in mid air. i can just hit space bar and go as high as i want.

Ok , this version has a different camera but is still not as advanced as it should be. There are some bugs. If the blend file is renamed the result is different.


ProtoType 004.blend (107 KB)

The problem seems to be from the appended script. Blender is still reading the old version of the script instead of saving the new version. It only saves the new script if the script is renamed. Maybe this one works.


ProtoType 002b.blend (107 KB)

Quite nice “template” blenderer2012, thank you for sharing!

In the original game the player is always facing the direction is moving in plus Blender has some parenting bug and the pivot points get messed up. In this one the pivot points get centered every frame from script so it should work better.


ProtoType 005.blend (108 KB)

Nice Work ! add in super jump (hold jump for 5 seconds )

Super run jump (hold jump for 5 seconds while moving over X speed)

Glide press jump in air if moving over X speed?

and Super jump forward, hold jump, wait until last second, press forward?

add in grab enemy / object and run :smiley:

add in throw enemy/object at target enemy/object

add in target selection based on distance list?

Add in “Force push all away” wave ?

add in “Tentical rape attack” where you put your hands in the ground and anyone to close gets shot into the air by a tentacle from below :smiley:

For those who want better looking shadows , you guys can modify the Blender source code and increase the shadow buffer size from 10240 to 16000. I found 2 files that need to be changed. One is ‘rna_lamp_gen.c’ and the other is ‘rna_lamp.c’ and it should work.

Now we need to figure out how to pickup and throw objects. lol


ProtoType 006.blend (108 KB)

Here is a version with pickup and drop object. Press E to pickup and RMB to drop but it needs more work.


ProtoType 008.blend (148 KB)

Thanks you guys :slight_smile: I really participate it oh and to answer Exile420 question am a newbie noob like from a scale of 1-10 at how experienced I am at blender I would say 4… :slight_smile: and again thanks for helping I really really appreciate this :slight_smile: THANK YOU!!