How To Make watergun

How do i make a watergun in a game?
i want a low poly water gun, that can be aimed, please help :smiley:

I have a setup for an usual gun, if you want I can send to you, you ll need to modify a little to make it a water gun or you can study the file and learn how to setup it by yourself. send me a PV message and I ll sendo you the link if you are interested

A water gun wouldn’t be to different from a normal gun, the ammo (water) wouldn’t be projected at high speeds and would drop quicker than a normal bullet. Most gun setups I’ve seen won’t actually create a bullet object, instead the gun would cast a ray in the direction of the gun to see what has been hit, with a water gun you could create a water textured billboard, and create multiple instances of these from the tip of the gun giving them an initial velocity.

so i shoot many bullets at a slower speed? i was hoping to use empties for the bullets and make the water gun less objects, because its hard to make many bullets look smooth. Ive already got a script for aiming the bullets and tried to make it look like a water gun, but it looks crap and seens like a waste of ram.

I think you can set the ‘water’ as dynamic object, so that it’ll fall depending on its mass, or how heavy it is. Just a thought

That looks like it’s what they did in mario sunshine.

What i am looking at doing atm is making a cylinder; then, adding ring segments to the cylinder so that i can add an empty and hook each of the ring segments to an empty. By doing this i can make the empty dynamic or follow a path, and as the empty follows the path or falls due to gravity a ring segment will follow the empty hopefully making a natural curve.
Just want to know other methods

(use “CTRL + H” to add hook to one or many vertices while in edit mode, very useful tool for mesh deforms.)

You just confused me :eek:

I did something exactly like a water gun right now I don’t have the blend file but I’ll post it on here once I get home.

Here you go! Sorry I know I was late yesterday, I was very tired. But enjoy


Water Gun.blend (177 KB)

im not at home now so i cant open it but TY.
Ill chek it soon

Cheers for the .blend Nmaster.
Much appreciated, though i have a similar setup atm.
I just wanted a single object to be the water, i think i will be using many empties as “hooks” though so it looks ike a more fluent watergun.
Give me a week, im kinda busy atm, and ill show you what it looks like.

and i would like to learn more about your python script, and how you aplied limits to the vertical look and stuff (although it didnt work i can see what you tried to do). Any good tutorials i can do on python scripting?
Im still kinda new to python scripts, all i can do is trigger actuators and make for more complicated “property” systems.
Basically im trying to avoid logic bricks as much as possible for minimum ram usage during game play