How to make wind affect certain objects and not others?

Hi, all!
I am a little lost on this one. I would like to have one stalk of wheat only be affected by its own wind force field. Aside from having this one wheat stalk, I have other wheat stalks with wind force fields in the scene as well. However, no matter if I position the wheat stalk behind, in front of, or right next to the other wheat stalks, it moves all over the place. I tried putting the new wheat stalk into a different collection, but it still seems to be affected by the force fields from the other wheat stalks. How do I keep each wind force field from the other wheat stalks from affecting this new wheat stalk? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

In the 27 series, forces would affect only those objects that are on the same layer. With collections taking up that role in the 29 series, try moving your wind object into specific collections as well.
Wheat Hero and wind Hero should be inside collection Hero while wheat other and wind other would reside in Collection other.

If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a bug that you could report.

I placed all of the other wind and wheat stalks into Tier2, while the new wheat stalk is now located in Tier1. I think it might be a bug, the wind from Tier2 still affects the new wheat stalk from Tier1.

The only other thing that comes to mind might be if they are sharing the same datablock? If so, perhaps make unique copy for wheat1 to see if that might insure the isolation from the unwanted force.

What is a datablock? Also, would I be able to look at the datablocks for the new and old wheat to see if they are sharing the same one? Unlike shaders where you can see if they are using the same combinations, I cannot tell if the wheat stalks are connected. Would I be able to make a unique copy by using Shift+D rather than Alt+D?

The datablocks are the sub-component of the object (i.e. mesh, curve etc)
An easy way to see if a datablock is unique is to inspect the name field and look for a number. If the datablock is being shared, there will be a number. Click the number to make the datablock unique for that object. You can do this after you have already issued a SHIFT-D or ALT-D.

Thank you very much, Atom! I didn’t really notice that feature until now!