how to make wood procedurals smooth?

I’m working on a wood procedural that has “creases” in it when I render a still. in the preview panel, it’s shown without creases, but nice, wavy curvy grain the way most wood grain is.

why does it render with creases or sharp bends, and how can I get rid of those?

thank you for any advice.


show a pic for this effect!

and did you use any normal or bump map for this texture?

happy 2.5

here’s a screen grab…crude green arrows point to the worst creases.

no bump or anything affecting normals used…I’m just getting comfy with blender’s procedurals…trying to what affects what to get some grain I might like.



this is for a wood texture ?

i mean it’s so huge usually you don’t zoom in so close to the wood object !
it looks like a bad planet outthere !

can you show pic of the overall model !

sorry got to go
talk tomorrow may be

also is this in 2.5 ?

happy 2.5


That’s probably where your object has its vertices. To make this less noticeable, add more vertices to smooth your object out (e.g. use subsurf).

thanks rawpigeon…that did make an improvement, but I see at some cost in render time…

do you know whether 2.5 has a different method of applying procedural texture?

In Lightwave, I can apply a procedural texture to a 1-polygon shape, and it will render as crisply/smoothly as if the same shape had 1000 polygons.



The texture is rendering just as sharply as it would in Lightwave. The problem is that your object has sharp edges that are cutting through the texture space in such a way that this becomes visible. If your object was flat, it would not matter how many polys it had.

Ahh…I see…doing a little experimenting here demonstrates what you say.

thank you!