How to make...

(xintoc) #1

How to make a object with only a python script.

(digitalSlav) #2
  1. learn python
  2. write a script
  3. run the script
  4. distribute script to community

if it was only that easy :slight_smile:

(Enzoblue) #3
  1. Learn how to copy and paste
  2. Download someone elses script
  3. copy and paste
  4. distribute script to community

(BaDbOyHeRe) #4

There is some documentation at including the new api. go to also look at the documentation that came with python. download other scripts and take apart to figure how it works, and when questions pop up, read, read, read some more andlook for an answer in the forum/chat areas

thats what I’ve been doing :wink:

(xintoc) #5

how to ‘distribute script to community’?

(Schlops) #6

There are some excellent Python-tutorials at Some things are rather old, but you can always ask questions in the Python & Plugins-Forum here at elysiun.
And once you are done, announce your script in the P&P-Forum or in the “I made this”-Forum here. Either a link or a posted Code-block will do.

(S68) #7

I would apreciate much topics with meaningful titles…