How to make?

I’m trying to make a TV, and I need to know how to get a subtle curve on a subdivided plane. I can do it with a curve modifier in one direction, but not the other. Can anyone help?

One way would be to subdivide it so that you have a vertex point in the dead centre. then, put “proportional edit” on and pull the middle vertex forward. Could be tricky… I suggest you roll the mousewheel while pulling out to make the influence area bigger than the plane.

Another way, is to subdiv again a few times. This time select the four innermost faces and pull them forward. Using CTRL Numpad “+” allows the selected area to expand. Pull it forward a little each time.

Select all the screen faces and hit “smooth” a few times when you are done to even them out and mellow the curve down.

thanks. that worked.

No problem. If you hadn’t said that you wanted to make a particular lane into a screen, I would have said to resize a cube the right dimensions, then subdivide it with about 10 cuts, then smooth several times before deleting the back half. Always more ways to do stuff.