How to Makehuman to BGE?

Hi, everybody! I am looking for a way to use Makehuman to make a character for game. I can’t find any good tutorials around. If oyu can, please, help!

Really??!! How hard did you look? The first thing that comes up when googling makehuman and blender is the makehuman website telling you how to use Blender plugin to get makehuman models in blender.

In fact, there are loads of tutorials telling you how to import a makehuman model.

Sorry for late answer, I was more looking for game tutorials. It is: how to make game compatible human(set poly count, make a hair that doesn’t use particles, but are a 3D lowpoly mesh etc.

As far as im aware there’s no ‘make it game ready’ option. You’d have import the model, retopo it, remove the particles, uv map it and bake the textures. Its exactly the same process you’d go through making any game asset from a high poly model.

so, take a copy of the high poly, remove faces with edge slide, and merge, until its low poly and still deforms well, unwrap it, bake the detail from the high poly to the low poly as a normal map,

OK! I’ll later try to make one for my recent game project(called Von Der Dead).

Oh, in topology tab you can switch between low-poly male, low-poly female and high-poly mesh:)

those lowpoly objs are no good for deforming, you shall then make a new one, it wont take much time.

What’s wrong with theese?