How to manage short film projects?

Does anyone here have experience making short films? After working with my classmates in making this short film, I’m planning to make my own short films, but it gets difficult managing all my assets and the tasks for each step. That class project was kind of a mess, and I would like to know how other people does it.

If you have experience on that, what was/is your workflow and what tips do you have for someone starting?
Are the asset manager addons any good?
Is there any companion software that you recommend? I haven’t find a personal project/task manager that suits me yet.

Thanks for taking your time to read my post! :grin:

I think that the first thing you should do is to create a storyboard for your idea. Draw your story shot by shot and describe the characters movements and the camera movements by writing them down.

Once you’ve done that, create your assets, create your characters and your sets, light your sets.

Then start animating your characters and other things like atmospheric or physical simulations if any.

Last (but not least) animate your camera movements and render every shot.

Composite everything if you need or just edit your image sequences in some nle editor. Add music, sfx, vfx or whatever you may need.

This Is the basic workflow I’m following. I really think you shouldn’t care much about asset manager addons, just pur your assets in a logical folder / subfolder structure and name them properly. The most important thing is to have a very clear idea of your project shot by shot.

By the way, my personal folder structure for my assets is

3D Assets

And so on…


I was just watching Andy Goralczyk’s talk at the Blender Conference about the production pipeline of Spring ( Lots of useful information, even though it’s mostly geared towards teams (obviously) rather than single-user projects. Highly recommended talk!

great advise M Z3d i would also add, too the poster to do a bit of pre vis concept desighn and do a little time management week 1 concept desighn week two storyboard etcetera etcetera etcetera

Make heavy use of linking files. The user sundial posted good advice on this question a while ago.

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Thanks! That was quite useful! :smiley: