How to map material onto Faces

i need to know how to map material onto faces, i am using a single object and i want to add a different material to each face, how do i do this in blender?

  1. Select your object.
  2. Go to the edit mode.
  3. Select the face you want to apply a new material to.
  4. Hit rightmost(!) New twice(!) in Editing/New and Materials below < 0 Mat 0 >. (Creates a base material and a material for your selection. Blender assigns same material to both selections automatically so you need to create a new material for the latter.)
  5. Hit Assign below it. If you deselect all verts now and hit Select, you can see your face selected if everything went right.
  6. Go to Shading and assign your material to the selection. (Note: You can select the part for which you want to assign the material in …|OB|ME|<…(!!!)>.)

Thanks for you reply. That helped.

how do i border select hidden vertex aswell?

If you mean “hidden” as far as it being behind other vertices in the 3D view, just make sure that the selection visibility button is not selected (in the 3D Window Header, when in mesh edit mode, it is the little button that looks like a cube in perspective. It is in a group of four buttons, the first three being dots, a line, and a triangle). When this is selected (darker color) it only allows you to select visible vertices in shaded view.

You could use ZKEY to change to wireframe view if you want to leave that button selected.

If you mean selecting a vertex that you have hidden with the HKEY in edit mode, then you cannot select it since that would defeat the purpose of hiding it. You would have to unhide it with ALT-HKEY first, at which point it would already be selected along with any other vertices that were hidden.

Thanks for your help, it worked.