How to map SVGs or how to change a flat square to sphere?


I do have the following issue.
I need to print a logo on a spheric item, but I only have a flat SVG.

If this is printed on the spheric item the image is heavily distorted.

So I used inkcape to create a 2D outline of the position, imported it in FreeCAD,
turned it in to a curved 3D image.
Imported it into blender, where I planned to map SVG texture on it and export the whole thing as SVG.

So far it did not work.
2.49 there is something about SVG texture, but in 2.6?
and an applied PNG was distorted as well.
Is this still possible?

So the second solution to my problem would be

create a flat square around the logo, then turn this into sphere, delete the sphere save the logo as 2d svg.
How can I do this?

Thanks for any help

If this is printed on the spheric item the image is heavily distorted.

which is kind of expected, since to wrap flat sheet of paper to ball paper needs to be stretched. If drawing is relatively small compared to sphere it wont be distorted dramatic though.

Blender imports svg as curve objects, so to get this result you need to convert svg to something like png or jpeg.
If you need to work further on svg curves, then to project them on sphere, which is possible, you need to use Shrinkwrap modifier Project mode
This is how it would look if imported svg is shrinkwrapped to sphere and turned into object rendered in cycles.

Used Blender 2.63, Inkscape.

shrinkwrap did the job, but I could not add the shrinkwrap modifier to a group of objects so I had to add it to each one (100 items :-/ )

Now cannot figure out how to export it into a Inkscape compatible format.