How to map the texture? 5:55 she has a mapping tab with coordinates and I don’t ok I get it she has 2.5 and I have 2.65
and I don’t have material as default as she has at 32:00 - 32:47 says he has 2.65 and I don’t get it he has total different settings for material

I’ve got everything my mesh textured as I want it and so on only thing remains I don’t have that texture rendered as it’s blank as she says what steps I must follow to do that BUT THOSE STEPS DON’T EXIST FOR ME why?

did I accidentally press something again? that I must use another 50 hours doing my mesh AGAIN?!?!? and all the animations

You say the interfaces are different to what you have.
Well the obvious question that comes to mind is, we know what your interface doesn’t look like, but what then does it actually look like then ? Then we’ll be able to tell what you are doing wrong !

Are you adding a texture to the World instead of a material ?
What renderer are you using ?

Without seeing your interface it’s hard to tell, but if I had to guess I’d say you were using cycles, and the tutorial was in Blender Internal (Blender Render). As switching between them will cause the materials interface to change drastically. If it’s not that, post some screenshots highlighting the difference, or post your blend.

wow my post actually went through queue :slight_smile:

well I’ve been searching for solution about 4 days (2. day I’ve posted this) the solution was I think that I must only press to make new material and that was all and not changing anything at new material iirc