How to mass move keyframes?

Hi I’m new to Blender and am primarily interested in th Grease Pencil 2d features. I don’t see a dedicated area for Grease Pencil here so I’m posting in the general are. Admins please feel fre ot move it if it’s the wrong place. Anyway, I just want to know how to mass move keyframes. I’ve drawn a bunch of frames and realized that my first frame starts before zero and I was hoping I could mass edit them and slide them slightly. Is this possible?

Might be wrong, can’t verify atm, but:

a to select all
g to move.

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To piggyback on what @0451 said, if you are unfamiliar with animation in Blender, you’re going to want to use the Graph Editor to move your keyframes. Select your animated items in the 3D Viewport, then with your mouse over the Graph Editor, perform @0451’s instructions of pressing A to select all, and press g to move.

If you need more detail, please let us know.

For future reference, here is the link to the manual’s page on Keyframe Editing:

Here is the manual page for Grease Pencil Animation:

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The very link you’ve posted clearly says you don’t need graph editor to move keyframes. You can do it in the timeline or directly in the dopesheet which has it’s own mode for grease pencil.

Graph editor is very unintuitive and confusing for 2D drawing, since it doesn’t even display graphs of the drawing strokes

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Good to know, @jerzygorskiart. I’ll edit my response. Thanks for looking out!

Hmmm sorry forgive my shiny new smell here… maybe I’m doing it wrong but I want to select a series of keys not necessarily all. IN just about any other program you can marquee over what you want and mass move. Blender does not seem to do that for me. Do I need to switch to a special tool for it or the standard cursor will do it? I did find the Shift D will dupe the selected keyframes but what if I just want to move everything from frame 36 to 57 down to 65?

YES that was it! Thanks dude! So inc ase anyone else follows this the solution for what I wanted to do was to hit G and then all marqueed keyframes will move as one.

It seems like this would also do what I want… Is this different in some way??

Edit Mode

In Edit Mode there are two option related to the animation workflow that you can use.


Multiframe edition.


Sometimes you may need to modify several frames at the same time with edit tools, for example to repositioning drawings in an animation.

You can activate multiframe edition with the Multiframe button next to the modes selector (faded lines icon). See Multiframe for more information.


When you are animating simple shapes with strokes that have the same amount of points, you can use the Interpolate tool to automatically add new breakdown keyframes. See Interpolation for more information.

That’s just for editing strokes across multiple frames. I don’t mean move them in the timeline, but sculpt/rearrange them in space. Not what you’re looking for but a fantastic tool nonetheless.

Cool thanks for your help man!