How to melt a face!

I’ve been using blender for awhile but I’m having a hard time picking up/figuring out the whole importing video footage and tracking it, and making effects on that video footage.
I really want to take the footage I have right now of a person and somehow add effects to have his face melting off
but I don’t know where to begin! If someone could help me understand this process a little better.

thank you!

Ok… so there are a few things you should research and figure out how to do first before trying to do it on your shot… first… is just general modelling / texturing… once you know how to do that… switch over to camera tracking and how ot do that… then switch over to fluid simulations… then how to composite stuff… then hook them all together for your shot.

There isnt a simple ‘make face melt of’ button… but there are other buttons which allow you the flexibility to potentially do this. there is no right or wrong way… only what looks right / wrong in the end.

You asked your question in the wrong section.

what your looking for is fairly advanced stuff, well, not advanced exactly but complicated. you need to plan your shot from the beginning, how do you want the effect to proceed and what is the end result, will you map your actors face to an object and then have the 3D mask reveal some face melted practical make up, or will you use multiple layers of 3D masks? then make sure you have tracking markers on the face of your actor, just small dots in key locations of the face, then, you can track the shot but you’ll need to familiarise your self with the tracking tool which is a fairly extensive tool kit. you’ll also need to know how to make the mask, which really is as simple as plotting a mesh face around your actor, but then you need to texture it to look seamless against your actor, not a big deal unless your actor is writhing around in agony, then you’ll need to make sure the texture works in all frames.
then there’s the animating, again a simple thing, but time consuming and there are several ways to achieve this most likely using shape keys ,but you could also use dynamic paint or even do weird things with displacement textures.

then there’s the compositor to put every thing together…

it sounds like a fun project and i hope you tackle it. but just don’t expect it to be a quick job!

You’ve thought up just about one of the hardest shots you could muster. Even for someone using blender … for a while.
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guestimate that there’s less than 3 people of all the BA users that could pull it off on their own in let’s say some 160 hrs of work.

doublebishop gave you a good breakdown of what’s needed. Plus, you need to get the shaders and lighting right. And since your comping against live footage anything that’s off in any of the stages is going to scream at you.

Just take it down a notch, pick one of the things he named that apeals to you and try to get decent at it. Move to the next one when satisfied or you find you don’t enjoy it.

Trying to post to thread (new) but I don’t think it’s working so I’m going to replay but on a different topic.
I have been watching how to camera motion track on blender I have been successful
but my problem is I can only seem to figure out how to make my objects on top of my original footage
where I want to take my footage of someone looking into the sky saying it’s coming. But have the spaceship behind the person pointing in the sky. I can’t figure out how to do that. I only seem to be able to make the ship on top of the person and not behind the person in the footage.
hope this makes sense!
Thank you

sorry for my engilish maybe that helps a bit