how to merge 2 edges?

I only see a way to merge vertices and not edges:(

Switch to edge select mode.

but then i still get merged all edges to one vertice - i need to keep the edge form.

i need something like this :

___________ to ___________

and it need to be really merged - no edge slide or something


Why can’t you merge one vertice and then the other?

Can you post a blend? Anything you want to do can be achieved, it is just a matter of finding the way…

well imagine thousands of vertices need to merged together by hand…
a blend file doesn’t matter because it’s a basic question.

If there is a gap between, try skin faces/edge loops. If they are close together just remove doubles and increase the merge limit…I mentioned a blend file because I have not ever created a model with “thousands of vertices” that are somehow uneccesary and would require merging later…I am curious what situation would arise and cause this to be needed? I don’t know exactly why blender can’t do this but I also don’t understand the need. Hope you figure out a solution to your issue, good luck.

I also wondered about this just the other day. It seems that Merge only looks at vertices even when you are in edge-mode. The result is very easy to see with the basic cube:

1: Enter edit-mode and select two opposite edges on the top face.
2: Hit Alt+M and merge at center. The result is a pyramid since Merge sees 4 vertices and not two edges. The result should have been a wedge shape.

If you use the option Collapse under Merge, you get the wedge shape, but it’s not intuitive since it merges the two vertices belonging to each edge, so the wedge shape is turning the wrong way. You need to select the two edges other than those you want to merge and collapse them to get the shape you want.

thanks alot, the collapse option seems to work flawless for me (i just didn’t see that it can work differently as you mentioned) , although i would wish more essential options like “at first / at last” like for normal vertices merging.

(i need it for a saw-like end of a quadratic shape)

I did explain it badly, sorry. Easier to explain with pictures :slight_smile:

Here is used Merge->Collapse

If Merge understood edges, the expected behaviour would happen just by using Merge->At Center. The same could be expected with Merge->At First/At Last.

Hopefully this will work with BMesh.

I ment “i didn’t expect that collapse can work differently LIKE you mentioned”