How to merge combine RGBA

Have a certain programming foundation and want to customize some artistic effects to better combine with the game engine. Blender is an excellent tool, but data transmission is not very convenient. For example, vertex color uses float 4. If it is used to store normal information, it only needs R and g. because normal B can be obtained through cross product, I can use the remaining B and a to store other data information.But depending on blender, he can’t finish the work. I come from China. Blender is very popular at present, especially in making stylized games, which can shorten the whole workflow. My friend has the same problem and can only use Houdini to complete this work. We prefer blender.

use a separate node to get R G and B
then do whatever you want with math node ect…

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Thank you for your reply, but it is not the answer I want. I want to be able to bake RGBA into the vertex color. The vertex color of the fbx model is composed of RGBA, but in fact the vertex color we bake is only RGB, without A Information. This is wasted. I am a game artist, and I have seen that the blender material node is very similar to the game engine, and I feel that it can simplify the game production process to a certain extent. In addition to baking vertex colors, some data transfer functions may be required. Yes, for example, normal information is passed into the tangent, or float4’s UV. But depending on the current version interrupted my fantasy. Or can you tell us that there will be similar plans for subsequent versions?

check internet
here are some threads

blender bake RGBA into the vertex color

might find some interesting tips for you specific case

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