How to merge mirrored object

I’m modelling a chev Camaro but when I created a mirror it’s far apart and I can’t move it without the parent not moving too. How do I do it? Please help

here is an attached file

Check the origin of the geometry, you can set it to the location of the 3d cursor. (ideally where you want to mirror it from)

Ok let me try it

Btw, there are tools to make a decent screenshot.
Example flameshot:
sudo apt install flameshot

Or use the screenshot tool in Blender itself: Window -> Save Screenshot. Ubuntu’s screenshot functionality should also be available.

Thanks to everyone. I appreciate.

Also, on my computer, the print screen button (above insert on the keyboard) will take a screen shot. On opensuse linux, saves it in the pictures folder as screenshot-date.png or something, I imagine its the same on most computers.