How to merge objects with vertices connect?


I’ve made this simple cube. Rotation is 0 and scale is 1.


I duplicated it and positioned it

Now this is what I want.
Is in Blender a function which merges objects with creating and connecting vertices like in this picture?


With what you have there, you can just join them and then remove the unwanted faces.

Sorry. I forgot to mention that there are about fifty cubes. These two cubes here were just an example. I tried the Remesh modifier. But it’s not given good results.

Array modifier might work.

You will have to cut out 2 faces however so that you have no internal geometry and then close the ones that are still open after the modifier has been applied.

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Same thing as I suggested before, but then use select interior faces and delete them. In edit mode it’s Select menu > Select All By Trait > Interior Faces.

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Array modifier and interior faces helped me.


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