how to merge textures?

I am trying to figure out how to “merge” two textures together with the same object (the same mesh). I know how to apply different textures to the same mesh but it leaves a hidiously visible boundry…knowticable I mean. What I am looking for is how to get them to gradually mix together into a smooth transition.

If anyone could offer some advise and explain it…I will forever be in debt!


You don’t give an image of what you really want so I’ve included this link as one way to merge textures.

I’ll try to paint a better pic here. Imagine a sculpted model of a face, ie. one mesh, I would generally use one main skin material. However on the right side I want a scar using a different texture and tone but only in that one spot. How can I use the scar material and texture so that it has a “smooth” transition into the normal face material, what im saying is that how can I apply the scaring so that it doesnt look like I taped it onto him!

I hope this makes more sence.

Thanks for your patience…this type of problem is really confusing to me.

Thank you Richard, I have another post for you to read if you would be so kind. Being new to BlenderForum here I was not sure to reply dirrectly to you or where I did!