How to merge to meshes together?

I want to merge the cactus arm to the main cactus body mesh so that it does not clip trough on the inside.

How can I do this :slight_smile:


You’ll need to enable Loop Tools in blender’s addons, but the way I’d do it, is create some horizontal edge loops on the body of the cactus, select some of the quads then w > loop tools > circle > scale as needed. Delete the inner faces of the circle and the end cap of the cactus arm. Select the edge loop at the end of the arm, and the loop on the body, then w > loop tools > bridge. You’ll have some topo to clean up, but it’s not terrible.

Oh, if they’re not joined (as in separate objects in object mode), you’ll need to join them first so you can edit both at once in edit mode. Select both in object mode, tools panel > join.

(images are reversed)


Just for a little clarification, if it’s not obvious already… it works best to have the same number of vertices on each edge loop that you are joining.

Thank’s that worked pretty well :slight_smile:

and thanks for the heads-up xraygunner.

An alternate method would be to use the knife tool. Then manually adjust with edge-slide (GG), and vertex snapping with auto-weld turned on. More fidgety work, but sometimes the results are worth it.