How to mesh follow vertice line

I want this cylinder to follow every vertex line over there.Coz I want to create rivers
Project Waterways.

can you elaborate a little !

what are these blue lines ?

is it a real blender line or just an image with blue on it ?

happy bl

You could make the rivers with curves and get the cylinder to follow the curves.

I’m bad at English and trying my best to explain my project. My project is about to make a water catchment area, and I got those vertices lines from import shp and want to have some volume using as cylinder or cube.

The blue line is the main river and other many vertice lines are rivers too. It’s from blender and just use extrude tool.

Wooww so much works to do if use curves, coz those vertice lines are wriggled like worms :rofl:
Is there is an easier way like extrude? it will be really helpful

Sorry I thought you wanted to make the cylinder “travel/float” down the rivers.

It looks like you already have extruded most of them.

When you imported the shp were the rivers lines of single verts?

If so you could start again import them into a new file. Then select all the rivers and go to “object menu – convert- curve” that would turn all the lines into curves automatically.

You can then give them a round bevel in the curves geometry tab.

That’s a nice trick, thanks :+1: