How to mimic fields from Cinema 4d in Blender

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows how to recreate this type of effect in blender, it is very nice.

check out animation nodes, that’s an addon to do visual scripting in blender that will allow you to do what you’re looking for, along with a loooot of other things. You can achieve something similar also without such addon, but it’s gonna be way more complex and way more limited.

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The animation nodes are very powerful but I’m not familiar with them yet, Thanks

One way is to have a bunch of vertices, put them in a group with 0 weight. Modifiers can then be used to first affect the weight based on the helper object proximity, and then displace. The cube object is then instanced on each vertex with dupliverts.

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The weight proximity, looks promising, I’m not sure how to make it yet, a video tutorial would be great,
The warp modifier, that looks good too, I need to try them out.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are several ways to achieve something similar. One like JA12 has mentioned.
You also inquire about Warp modifier. You can create that arrangement of cubes with array modifier, and then to the last on the modifiers stack to add Warp modifier and configuring correctly From/To objects/empty elements, radius and and strength that can have negative values.

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You could do it this way (old fashion way, not animation nodes way):

  • Create a plane, subdivide it.
  • Create a cube, parent it to the plane.
  • Select the plane, on the Properties panel > Object > Duplication, click on Verts, the cube should duplicate on each plane vertex.
  • Create 2 empties, one under the plane, one above. Parent the top empty to the bottom one.
  • Give your plane a Warp modifier, choose the bottom empty in the From field, choose the top empty in the To field. Choose the Strength and Radius you want.
  • Now when you move the bottom empty it warps the plane, thus the cubes.

(click to see all the pictures)

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‘Instancing’ in 2.8, just in case Alex_3d is using this version.

You can move the two empty at the same time if you want to emulate the effect shown in the first video (If you do not want to parent them).

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I found one more way, with animation nodes.