How to minimize number of materials

I made this dungeon, all 1 mesh, with 6 textures, yet I have 16 materials and have no idea how they got created, how
do I prevent this?



It happen when You click NEW…In Properties Panel - Materiale

You need a Material slot to put texture or shaders on.

You can remove - unlink it…In Properties Panel - Materiale…In Material box - Click the X it will unlink it…Save Blend file and it’s gone.

If the Materiale slot have a texture assigned it will be lost too.

Ps…If you unlink a Materiale it will put a O in front of it…To tell You it will not be saved.

Hope this clear it up a little…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, I don’t remember clicking ‘new’ on these extra materials. I know how to get rid of materials, is there any way to
find out which faces are assigned the wrong materials so I can put the right material on them? Or do I have to do them over again?

In Edit Mode there’s an option to select faces assigned to a given material.


Thanks, that kind of works, except the dining_room material has only 1 bitmap gray flecks, yet blender thinks the floor has dining room
material also, yet it has granite-2771 for the texture.


I have a similar question.

I am trying to combine multiple assets into one, from an Asset Manager addon library, to maximize speed and efficiency. But when I join two objects (Ctrl J) that have the same materials, instead of the new object having the original – lets say three – materials, the new object now has duplicates of every material: so with three original materials that makes six, each with a new suffix (index?) MyFirstMaterial, MyFirstMaterial.001, MyFirstMaterial.002, MySecondMaterial, MySecondMaterial.001, MySecondMaterial.002 etc.

Since I plan to export these objects as game assets for UE4 and need to assign materials to the material slots there, it is really inefficient and impractical to have so many identical materials.

Is there a step I am missing that should prevent the same material from multiplying with each new object?

Thank you for this! Unfortunately it seems to be broken for 2.76+ :frowning:

It works for me in 2.77a!

I can’t even get it to appear in user preferences no matter how I install it. I have no idea how to troubleshoot that. Maybe another of my addons is conflicting?

For some reason Blender doesn’t always delete unlinked data, and I think this is partly causing many of the problems people are having when applying textures.

If you go into the Outliner and change the display settings from the default All Scenes to Orphaned Data you can see what data is currently flagged for deletion. If you have any images, textures, or materials listed in there and you save your file and then reload it again, it doesn’t always get removed. I sometimes have to save and reload my blend file 3 or 4 times before its all gone.

I currently have an object that shows a texture I put on it and then later removed, unlinked all the textures linked to that object and and made sre hey were deleted completely from the file, and yet the texture is still displaying.