How to mix 2 shaders with blending modes.. [SOLVED]

How to mix 2 shaders with blending modes… it seems i can only use a simple mix node …

if i try to use a color->mix rgb

it shows a black material… ???

You would mix the colour, then input that mix into the Diffuse shader, then into the Material Output node. You wouldn’t have the mix shader.

If that doesn’t work post a link to s demo file with the nodes you show

You can go from the Hue Saturation and Brightness Contrast into the two inputs of a Color Mix node, and then straight into one diffuse shader.

There are only two ways to mix shaders - add and mix. You can mix color and normal inputs before they go into the shaders using the whole range of mixing methods. But if you are trying to mix the result - i.e. with lighting and bump added in before the mix - you can’t.
This really is all you need to achieve almost any possible material effect.

Yep got it now… thanks !