How to mix SSS and a the Magic Texture node?

Hi all!

Ok, I have this Swirl material done with the Magic Texture node:

But now I want add some SSS effect to it. Unfortunately the moment I add the respective nodes the swirl effect goes away :frowning:
I have tried many ways and alternatives but without avail. I’m still learning the inside outs of setting up nodes, and now I’m out of ideas
How can I integrate SSS but still keep the swirl too?
Thanks guys!



And this is the nodes I have tried with SSS:

And the unfortunate results when applied

This is only part of the object, about 25% of it.

It could be because the SSS blurs the colors of the texture due to the scattering effect.

Have you tried reducing the scale or is a scale of 1 needed?

Yah, experiment with the scale. I mean, the short answer to your question is that the textured SSS is being overpowered by huge 50% white translucent, and then a whopping 30% of light purple glossy. Reduce translucent mix factor to maybe .1, and glossy to .15 ish.

I’d just replace you diffuse node with the SSS node. Make sure your SSS node scale is small - then gradually increase the scale until you get the SSS effect you want.

The SSS node with a scale of 0 should act pretty much the same as a diffuse node.

Thanks a lot guys!

Photox, your suggestion helped a bit. Mostly towards lighting up the color. So it’s no longer dark purple :slight_smile:

Ace Dragon & moony nailed it though! The moment I reduced the SSS scale that swirl came back!