How to mix two tracks with Audacity?

i have a track that i want to repeat for a couple of times…

i copied and pasted the portion that i want to repeat… but i’m not sure how i would mix i with the original so appears “seamless”?

is there something like a gradient mask for audio tracks? :wink:

i think it’s a matter of timing how you crop it properly… that might just take some practice.

If you want to mix the two pieces, you could do a Crossfade. The gradient mask for audio :slight_smile:

  1. Create a new empty Track
  2. Copy the part you want
  3. Paste it in the new Track
  4. Move this copied part with the timeshifttool from the Toolbox to the place you want and keep it a bit overlapping to the loop in the first Track.
  5. check the position by playing, to get the rythm right (it’s better to copy a bit more than you need)
  6. select the overlapping part in the first Track and, menu: -effects- -fade out- or -crossfade out-
  7. select the overlapping part in the second Track and, menu: -effects- -fade in- or -crossfade in-

If you want more control over the fades, you can use the envelopetool from the Toolbox.

This part would look somewhat like the attached image.

  1. The last step is to select both tracks and, menu: -tracks- -mix and render-



amazing Patel… exactly what i wanted …
thanks for putting it in the best way possible :slight_smile:

If you are still having problems send them over to me and Ill mix them up for your on a real cd turntable using my ears. There is not many computer programs out there that can do a good job when it comes to mixing tracks trust me djing has been in my blood for 10 years now.