How to Model a Bicycle?

Hello I was looking for some walkthrough tutorials on how to model a bicycle. Could anyone help me with that? Any tips and comments are welcome.

I haven’t modelled in 6 or so years so what little knowledge I gathered is all gone, so it’s going to be a tough road getting back into the game.

I’d say look into Curves. Blender allows to convert Grease pencil free hand drawn strokes to Curves which further can be cleaned and converted into mesh objects. Bicycle in fact is all curves…
You’d need nice photo imported as plane on which you would draw frame. If there is no dead on side photo you can either judge how curves need to be stretched or project image as a texture from Camera on plane placed at similar angle. Don’t know if there is such tutorial though covering all mentioned.

Start with the difficult parts, and break them down into simpler parts to model them. For instance, the hard part on a bicycle is probably the gears. So start with one gear, then the rest of them, then connect them with a chain, add the deraileur, and so on. When you get that bit looking good, you can scale it and rotate it to position and then work on the next hardest part.

Bit by bit, model the bicycle. Check out to see whether they have top, front and side views.

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