How to model a blueberry?

Does anyone have any idea of what the best way of modelling a blueberry is?

I know this might seem a little bit ridiculous due to the extremely, simplistic shape of one, especially since I’m not trying to create a photo-realistic blueberry but rather a more stylized, cartoonish version. The biggest obstacle I’ve encountered has been trying to model the top of the berry, as highlighted in the picture below with a red circle.


Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Simplistic, but quite simple!

Start with a sphere. I made it 8 by 8, so quite low poly. (Add sub surf) I added an edge loop near the top, and flattened it down, and extruded inwards slightly, to make the little hole you see. Easy enough.

I then selected the top edge loop (Or just add a new circle) and cut it in half, and joined the faces, and added an edge loop, as you can see in image. I scaled it to be the right size too…

I then placed it on the edge of the circle, and then set my 3d cursor to the center vert. Set your pivot point to rotate around 3d cursor, and duplicate and rotate. You should then have something like this.

I then used a mixture of proportional editing, additional edge loops, and a little more extruding, and shaped them a little, to give some curve.